The quality of the performance of your elevator is the most visible and most essential component of how your building is judged. First impression is last impression . Elevators and escalators are the central circulating  system of the building which is the first impression of your building.

There is no doubt in elevator and escalator maintenance the question is, consistency? Elevators and escalators are a highly moving component in the building. The long term consequences of inconsistent or sloppy maintenance can result in giving poor impression of your entire building operation. Enco Engineering believes in consistent and thorough preventive maintenance.

  • Doors the does’t close properly
  • Long waiting times
  • Noisy, erratic or unreliable operation
  • Jerking problem
  • Leveling problem
  • Loose and broken parts

All of these problems can cause a down grade for your elevator . Besides neglecting proper inspection and maintenance may cause a significant amount of money for repair and modernization. All these things are routinely addressed by Enco Engineering PLC. It is our full time work, we do it expertly and quietly.

Comparing the overall cost of your building operation elevator and escalator maintenance is a small fraction of the building operation cost.